Consumer Promotion

Consumer promotions are aimed at your customers, our goal is to assist you throughout the process. The requirements vary from program to program. Want to add new prospects or are you looking to reward existing customers? Are you looking to drive awareness or drive in-store or online purchases? Considering a coupon, mail in rebate, online rewards program to keep customers returning?

Individual programs require individual pricing. We’ll need some information before we get started, here are a few considerations before you get started:

  • Program name?
  • Considering a strategy?
  • What tactic serves your audience best?
  • Require design assistance?
  • Program type: Digital or Conventional?
  • Program outreach: Email or Direct Mail or Social Media?
  • Do you require a landing page? With a customer login?
  • Is email marketing a tactic?
  • What is the size of your mailing list? Email list?
  • Is conventional print part of this offering? What about distribution?
  • Are you leveraging retail partners or your own stores?
  • How are you handling fulfilment?
  • Who is selecting and awarding winners?
  • What is the budget range?

So many questions! Whatever your needs are, our team of consumer promotion professionals can help! Call or email us today.

At TACTIX5 our team will help get your consumer promotion ready to deploy.