Google Ads

We include strategy, campaign setup, keyword selection, ad building, ad positioning, ad messaging and testing for Google Ads. Clients will have full access to our account and account control is provided to clients upon completion, as such, all data, ads and keywords remain with the client.

Our Ads programs include a landing page, targeted to the initiative and keywords. We do not require access to you or your clients website but still provide a full opt-in and auto reply process that denotes the keywords and search criteria.

Our pricing structure fits most businesses. The basic Ads program is a three-month learning process and can be adjusted to the account or budget requirements. Monthly reporting included. At times additional reports will be provided during times of change and transition.

Google Ads Program Pricing

(3 month commitment)

Service Price
Setup & Review $900 (one time)
Management $500 / month
Ad Spend $500 (min)

*One Account, Five Ads, 20 Keywords

We at TACTIX5 offer tactical marketing services as a digital agency. We offer various marketing services, including Google Ads, to be your full service marketing services agency. Your tactical agency is ready to deploy!

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