Retargeting Ads

Retargeting Ads – What are they?

Have you ever visited a website only to see ads for that business as you browse the web in the following weeks? That’s retargeting ads at work! It allows you to display ads directly to people who have already visited your site giving you a second chance to convert those visitors into leads.

Retargeting works by placing a cookie on the browser of your website visitors. As they continue to browse the web, they’ll start to see your ads on other websites that participate in the ad network.

Our program covers everything you need to get your retargeting campaign off the ground and start advertising to your website visitors. TACTIX5 offers tactical marketing services, including retargeting ads. As a digital agency, we deliver tactical marketing services to find prospects and drive sales. Your tactical agency is ready to deploy!

Service Price
Setup & Review $400
Management $100 / month
Ad Spend Your budget