Social Media Startup

Social Media Marketing

What happens when your target market goes looking for you on social media and you’re nowhere to be found? Having a brand presence on relevant social media channels is important now more than ever in today’s marketing world. Almost one in five consumers turn to social media over other contact channels including phone, face to face, email and even web chat. TACTIX5 will plan the right mix of social media networks that fit your target and simultaneously build your social pages inline with your branding. Social media marketing is something that cannot be ignored.

The basic social media setups includes the options of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram. TACTIX5 offers tactical marketing services, including social media marketing. As a digital agency, we deliver marketing services to find prospects and drive sales. Your tactical agency is ready to deploy!

Social Media Marketing Startup Pricing

Standard Ultimate
Social Networks 4 6
Cost $1,500 $2,000