Social posting is available through our partner channels on social networks. Provide us with your offer, visuals and copy or allow us to make a recommendation. Provide us with your offer and choose a segment or allow us to make a recommendation. Note that pricing does not include image creation or writing, it is up to you to provide (or we can provide for an additional cost).

We’ve found over 150,000 unique consumers between our social platforms and email subscribers that are waiting to hear from you. To spread the word with Black Flag Deals, send an email to to get in touch with our sales team or call 1-855-543-8345 x700.

Social Posting Pricing

R1 R2 R5
Daily Posting 1 Month 2 Months 3 Months
Cost $500 $800 $1,100
Facebook 1 x 1 x 1 x
Twitter 3 x 3 x 3 x

Social Media Posting

Frequency Price
Daily Posting (1 hr management / day) $900.00
Daily Posting (2 hr management / day) $1,500.00
Daily Posting (3 hr management / day) $2,000.00

TACTIX5 offers tactical marketing services, including social posting. As a digital agency, we deliver marketing services to find prospects and drive sales. Your tactical agency is ready to deploy!

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Social Media Marketing

What happens when your target market goes looking for you on social media and you’re nowhere to be found? Having a brand presence on relevant social media channels is important now more than ever in today’s marketing world. Almost one in five consumers turn to social media over other contact channels including phone, face to face, email and even web chat. TACTIX5 will plan the right mix of social media networks that fit your target and simultaneously build your social pages inline with your branding. Social media marketing is something that cannot be ignored.

The basic social media setups includes the options of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram. TACTIX5 offers tactical marketing services, including social media marketing. As a digital agency, we deliver marketing services to find prospects and drive sales. Your tactical agency is ready to deploy!

Social Media Marketing Startup Pricing

Basic Ultimate
Social Networks 1 4
Cost $250 $750

Facebook Global

Facebook Global Pages is a framework that allows brands to provide localized versions of their content to Facebook users all over the world. Global Pages allow you to promote your individual country pages using a single URL, combine individual page likes for a global like count and provide your fans with locally relevant content based on their location and/or language. Plus, dig deep into your customer data with combined insights for all of your country pages.

The Root Page:

This page overlooks the entire structure and is virtually invisible to users. The root page provides you with insights for ALL of your global pages. Root Page admins can add, edit, and remove roles on the root page, as well as organize the global page structure. They also have access to insights for every market page. Root Page managers MUST have a role on specific market pages to edit the corresponding page.

The Default Page:

The default page acts as the main URL for the page structure. When a visitor types in the web address, they will be automatically redirected to the appropriate market page. However, if a visitor does not meet any of the criteria set for their market pages, they will be directed to the default page.

Market Pages:

Market pages can be created for specific countries or regions. Customize these pages to determine who gets redirected to which page according to their location and language. Each market page will have its own Timeline, cover photo, profile picture, insights and apps.

Using Facebook Global Pages allows international companies to manage the global brand while providing visitors with a targeted, localized experience. When a user searches for your brand on Facebook, they will automatically be directed to the corresponding Market page based on where they are located or what language they speak. If a user doesn’t match the criteria of any of the market pages, they will instead land on the default page.

With Global Pages, the number of likes across the default page and all market pages are combined and count towards a global brand like count. Also, you can promote a single vanity URL across all market pages – whenever a user types in the default URL, they will be automatically redirected to the most appropriate page.


Starting at: $2,950
Management $1,500
Setup – Root & Default Page $750
Setup – Market (Country) Page $500 ea.
Page Structure Wrap up Guide $200

We at TACTIX5 offer tactical marketing services as a digital agency. We offer various marketing services, including setting up Facebook Global pages, to be your full service marketing services agency. Your tactical agency is ready to deploy!