CASL Compliancy

CASL Compliancy? What’s That?

All commercial electronic messages (CEMs) sent to an email address, social networking account, or a cell number must have the recipient’s consent. The burden of proof will be on the sender, not the recipient, of the message.

Express consent is the new gold standard and you must have it to continue emailing after July 1, 2017. Once a customer provides express consent, there is no time limit to the contact a business can have with the customer unless the customer opts out.

If you want to enjoy today’s freedom to connect with potential customers, your existing lists need to be converted to express consent.

Our process includes:

5M 25M 50M 100M
Email list cleanse (if necessary, to remove bad emails)
Email template (customized for your brand)
3 Email deployments to your list; 1 Landing page to capture/re-capture opt-ins
1 Report
Pricing $925 $1,829 $2,199 $3,599

Our process will ensure your list is fully compliant and well documented with the CASL law coming into full force as of July 1st, 2017.

We at TACTIX5 offer tactical marketing services as a digital agency. We offer various marketing services, including CASL Compliancy, to be your full service marketing services agency. Your tactical agency is ready to deploy.

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