Promotional Email

Email Marketing & Promotions

Email marketing impacts both your brand’s credibility and reputation. Our team has knowledgeable staff in planning, implementing and developing your email marketing and communications strategies. We can assist you in engaging email contacts, list building and enhancing results. As well, we can assist you in ensuring you deliver viable offers and messages that provide value to your list. We use tactics like insider information, new product releases, white papers, seminars, webinars, contests, sweepstakes, catalogues, membership privileges, gift certificates, loyalty points, coupons, limited time offers, free trials and discounts to build and maintain your lists.

Promotional Email Pricing

R1 R2 R3 R4
Email List Size 10M 25M 50M 100M
Cost $599 $999 $1,599 $2,499
Account Setup
Email Creative
Email HTML
Deployments 3 3 3 3

TACTIX5 offers tactical marketing services, including promotional email marketing. As a digital agency, we provide marketing services that find prospects and drive sales. Do you need a marketing service agency? Your tactical agency is ready to deploy.

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